Cool or Creepy: Sorry Boys, My Dad Says I Can’t Date

sorry boysMy first reaction to the little pink dress that reads “Sorry Boys, My Daddy Says I Can’t Date Till I’m 30″ was ewwww. OK, so I’m a feminist.

The second? OK, my husband would love this. Because while he’s not obsessed with our daughter’s sexuality (eww), he does get ferklempt when she  mentions she wants to marry Chase when she grows up. Probably because she’s 4, and Chase is 5, but come on, he’s also a caring father.

I think we all make that joke about our kids. Fathers and mothers both. And it’s not about sex – it’s about the headaches of the break-ups and the getting togethers and the “don’t change for a guy” and the “don’t forget your friends.” All those issues come together to make the teen years sort of crazy, and if you’re a parent who happens to be coupled up, you tend to say “oh thank Gawd, I don’t have to relive that.”

But back to the dress. It’s made for little girls as little as 3 months, and it’s available up to 4T. So you tell me – am I overthinking or is this dress icky?

Check it out at Shirts 4 Squirts.

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No, you’re totally right. It’s icky. Icky along the same lines as that UK shirt for young girls that said something like, “So many boys, so little time…”

Sage4041 commented on Mar 01 10 at 11:26 pm

I think you are being ridiculous, that dress is adorable!! I know myself and all of my friends would buy it if we saw it. It is so innocent, cute and funny how you could twist it into something creepy is beyond me?

Lauren commented on Mar 08 10 at 5:23 pm

i agree with Lauren, its just meant to be cute, and funny…people are just so touchy these days about the simplest things, its ridiculous

karae commented on May 07 10 at 1:56 am

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