Sneak Peek: Toy Story 3 Toys and Some New Characters

LEGO WoodyThe details of the third installment in the Toy Story series are still being kept closely under wraps, but this is one movie where a look-see at the marketing tie ins could provide enormous clues to the plot line.

Unveiled at Toy Fair over the weekend, the toys of Toy Story are set to hit shelves on May 1, and Babble got up close and personal with them all (close enough to hug – and sniff . . . don’t worry, it wasn’t bottom-of-the-toy-box smell).

LEGO trainFirst up – LEGO will enter the Toy Story world, and we are happy to report Buzz, Woody and even Rex and Bullseye have been LEGO-manned. With a LEGO train that promises to play a pivotal role (and is in the trailer), a Sheriff’s station, star command, a pull-back car (hint there’s an RC car in there somewhere), and more the LEGO versions of Toy Story are aimed at kids 6 and up.  The sets planned will retail for $10.99, $19.99, $29.99, $49.99 and $79.99 apiece, giving parents at any price range options.

Lots O HugginAlso new to the world of toys is the first plush to have a significant role. A cranky old bear with a cane, Lots-O-Huggin-Bear comes from Thinkway, and both huggin’ and squeazin’ his paw will elicit movie quotes. But it’s the strawberry scent on this cuddly guy that made us wonder if we could really share this with the kids – or if he’d be camped out in Mom and Dad’s room. Expected to retail for $39.99.

gauntlet 300x216 Sneak Peek: Toy Story 3 Toys and Some New CharactersMattel gets in the game with a train too (again, foreshadowing big moments in the movie), and mini Buzz fans can put on their own Buzz arm to shoot “lasers” at imaginary space invaders or pack on a wing pack for take-off. And since we’re talking Mattel, did you hear Barbie’s going to make a new friend in Toy Story 3? Hello Ken.

Mr. Potato Head Spud LightyearThe owners of Mr. Potato Head, Hasbro couldn’t be left out of the loop, but their spud may look oddly familiar this year. He’s donned a cowboy hat and spurs for an attempt at playing Woody and what are those wings doing there? Yes, Mr. Potato Head is Woody and Buzz this year – for when their other toys need a rest. Suggested retail price is just $9.99.

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