Star Baby: How Do Tiger’s Kids Roll?

TIger's Kids At Disneyworld

Glad to see that Tiger Woods and Elin’s kids are out having fun, because you know mom and dad aren’t! The kids, Sam and Charlie, were spotted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida being strolled by an unidentified woman.  And how do these paparazzi hounded tots roll? In a Mountain Buggy Duo Double Stroller. This high-end stroller is available in a wide array of colors, Tiger and Elin’s kids opt to ride in the Chili hued version. This stroller is for sale here for $679.99.

D103494BLACKDOT0 Star Baby: How Do Tigers Kids Roll?

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[...] Droolicious to find out who the children belong to and how you can buy a stroller just like this! [...]

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