SKIP HOP Donates Baby Essentials To Haiti–Here’s How You Can Help!

262001 image 0 SKIP HOP Donates Baby Essentials To Haiti  Heres How You Can Help!

For the next 30 days SKIPHOP.com is donating 5% of all proceeds to the purchase of diapers, formula and other baby essentials for the relief efforts in Haiti. Buy something rad and functional like this: 

Have a tot that doesn’t like it when their peas touch their chicken, touch their cornbread, touch their applesauce? To the rescue: Palette Plate Feeding Set.  But the nifty plate doesn’t just keep picky eaters happy–it helps out mom too. See, it’s ideal for the preparation, storage and serving of foods. Included are three drop-in bowls that are microwave safe and fit right into the Palette Plate for easy serving.

What’s more? Translucent covers make refrigerator storage of leftovers a snap, and the skid-resistant base keeps it in place during mealtime. The special skid-resistant area for a cup and matching utensils are an added bonus, plus, face it–it looks really cool too! $28, SKIPHOP.com

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