Video Game Picks for the Whole Family

It’s crunch time for presents, and with a recent survey showing more Americans game than folks in any other country, it’s not hard to guess there will be plenty of video games under the tree this holiday.

So we turned to mega game maker Ubisoft for ideas and tested out some of their picks for a list of Babble favorites for the entire family:

For the Kids:

rabbids go homeRabbids Go Home: Wii favorites, the raving Rabbids are back, and their antics (those crazy spinning eyes) will leave your kids giggling so hard it will be tough to control the Wiimote. Available on Wii or DS, the newest addition to the Rabbids series is another kettle of fish entirely from its predecessors, but the originality is a good thing in this case. Get it for $46.99 with free super saver shipping at Amazon.

academy of champions soccerAcademy of Champions Soccer: It’s a basic soccer game, but with Mia Hamm and Pele taking centerstage, it’s a great way to introduce the kids to soccer and a lot of fun for them. Made for Wii, it’s well-priced and something everyone in the family can get it on. Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

For Mom:

Your Shape for WiiYour Shape: Maybe the best workout from Wii we’ve found, this game and USB camera set keeps you honest. And it’s nice to have one that’s just for mom. One warning: it has Jenny McCarthy so gauge Mom’s feeling’s about her before you purchase. Get it from Amazon for $66.99 with free super saver shipping.

For Dad:

Assassins Creed IIAssassins Creed II: Clearly, this is a game for Dad, NOT for the kids, but there’s nothing wrong with him blowing off a little steam after the kids go to bed. Available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, this is heads and tails above the original with the ability to literally take over a town and choose your own optional missions. The scenes are exquisite, so he can feel like he’s on an Italian vacation even when he’s stuck at home. Get it from Amazon for $49.99 with free super saver shipping.

Shaun White Snowboarding World StageShaun White Snowboarding World Stage: Technically this is a multi-player, so it’s for Mom and the (older) kids too, but for Dads who have long ago given up their weekends on the snow, this is a fun way to recapture the weekend. Get it for Wii for $54.50 from Amazon.

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