Robotic Cockroaches For Your Kids

hexbugs Robotic Cockroaches For Your KidsUnless you are just curious about what a post apocalyptic world is like, you probably don’t want to bring a cockroach home. So why have they made little robotic ones to scurry around your living room?

Frankly, because they are cool.

And because “robotic cockroach” probably wouldn’t sell, Innovation First has named them Hexbugs. Which is not only infinitely more marketable but a bit more fun to say at that.

Available in a host of bug shapes (so have hope if you still can’t get past that cockroach thought), they depend on a vibration technology to scuttle around the room. But unlike remote control toys or those pull back/let go cars, these move at the flip of a switch – and turn when they meet an obstacle, as if there’s a brain somewhere inside of there.

And that, folks, is why a robot that looks like a cockroach belongs in your house. Your kids will spend hours trying to outsmart the Hexbug and coming up short. Check out this video from the company for a taste:

Get a set from Amazon for $11.99.

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