A Brand New Way to Play With LEGOS?

LEGO for MUJI Paper and Block Sets 06 300x300 A Brand New Way to Play With LEGOS?We’ve been hearing a lot about LEGO’s innovations helping them survive the economic downturn like no other toy company on the planet. It seems they’re finally letting us now a few tricks of the trade.

Like launching out into the mega million industry that is crafting.

LEGO is reportedly partnering with modern design giant Muji to create a LEGO-based hole punch. The  mini machine itself works like any standard punch – only instead of the standard one hole, it will punch out equally spaced circles that will then interface with LEGO blocks so paper can then be integrated into LEGO sets.

Available this coming week in Japan, there’s no word yet on when it will reach the US (a search for Muji on LEGO’s Website comes up with bupkus and Muji’s holiday 2009 gift guide is completely in Japanese0, but it’s coming.

Will you get it for the kids or for you?

via Boing Boing

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