Star Kids: Al Pacino’s Twins Go Scootin’

Al Pacino and His Kids

When I think of Al Pacino I think of Frank Serpico, Michael Corleone or Tony Montana, I do not envision the true Al Pacino…a dad escorting his kids while they scoot along on their Razors. Yes, I know those are roles, but they juicy unforgettable characters that make it hard for me to see him as just a dad albeit a very very very talented dad.

Since you probably won’t be investing in the kind of accessories that the before mentioned characters endorsed (think guns, horse’s heads and a pet tiger), you can grab on from Al’s real life – the very obtainable Razor. Oh and your kids will love it too. Available from Amazon here for $27.99 to $49.99.

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Photo Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop

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