Dora Isn’t Just An Explorer!

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Are you sick of Dora’s purply-pink shirt that doesn’t really fit her, those orange polyester shorts, the frilly ankle socks and white tennis shoes? Yeah, me too. That’s why I’m loving this 3-pack of straw sippy cups by Munchkin. It’s a Dora fashion show if I ever saw one! On one cup she’s wearing a sporty pink tank dress, on another–she’s a mermaid (a mermaid!). On the last of the trio, she’s a princess in royal purple. It’s your color, D! So, thanks Dora! I was about to call the fashion police on you–seriously, girl. Now if we could only get Boots to sport some Prada boots, we’d be in business. Get 3 10 oz insulated straw cups for just $15.99 at amazon.com

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