OMG: A Dog on the Moon

maxgoestothemoon OMG: A Dog on the MoonThe secret to getting a little kid interested in just about anything? Throw a cute puppy in the mix, and they’re hooked.

It’s the secret behind the Science Adventures with Max the Dog series, and it will work with your kids to get them excited in the run up to celebrating forty years since man walked on the moon in the summer of ‘69.

One part cute puppy (Max . . . and in later books, Max, his grandpup), one part fictional tale and a third part scientific fact, the books from astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett are chock-a-block with space facts that will take your kids on an adventure out of this world. Because of Bennett’s past experience working with NASA, this is one of those science books that you can safely share with your kids knowing they’re getting the right info instead of some fanciful tale, and yet the stories themselves have meat that keeps kids engaged.

Designed for elementary schoolers, the Max books are all set up with sidebars on every page so younger kids can just listen to the story and check out the puppy, while their older brothers and sisters pore over every piece of planet prose.

Max Goes to the Moon was published back in 2003, but it just won a new award for educational excellence, and you can get it and sequels that following the pup to Mars and Jupiter all over at Amazon.

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