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I wonder if we have any gay parents reading these discussions and feeling relieved that they don’t have to deal with the war of sexes in parenting?

I really like the idea of sticking to the idea of a conversation surrounding “Parenthood” as opposed to simply Motherhood vs. Fatherhood because Parenthood includes all types of families.  When searching out parenting books before we had our first child I desperately looked for ANYTHING that had some good advice and a sense of humor.  This wasn’t easy to find.  Eventually I was given a copy of a book called “Bear With Me”  It was full of interesting wisdom and hilarious truthful anecdotes about parenting.  It was also written by a lesbian, Diane Flacks, and was the only parenting book I suggested my husband read prior to having our baby.  It had nothing to do with parenting roles as mother and father because in this case…there were two moms.  It was simply about conceiving a baby (Some do it the old fashioned way, some use In Vitro while others use a turkey baster. Deal with it.) and the trials, tribulations and ultimate joy over having a baby.  I also quite enjoyed listening to my husband recommend this book to other dads.  There is nothing sexier than a man with an open mind.

That being said, I know we won’t go down this path of using politically correct terms for parenting.  We’re too tired. Parents should create their own model for what works for them and their family.  And hopefully this model includes TWO engaged parents who in the end support a happy and fulfilled home.  And each other.


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