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Lincoln Park Zoo in the Cold and a Rant About Three-Year-Olds

Posted by on March 28th, 2011 at 3:53 pm

zoo e1301344207180 Lincoln Park Zoo in the Cold and a Rant About Three Year Olds

Might somebody provide the contact information for the person who coined the term “terrible twos?” I want to verbally assault them for leading me to believe it’s all rosy starting on a kid’s third birthday. Did they give away their child on its third birthday rendering them ignorant to the fact that the “threes” are far worse than the twos could ever dream of being?  I’ve had a hell of a couple of weeks that included tantrums, persistent colds, sleeping issues and a general sense of brattiness permeating the household. The latter applies to my twins AND me. I turn a tad cranky after being awakened a week straight in the middle of the night so a three-year-old can begin arguing with me about what she’ll wear the next day five hours in advance. I blame daylight savings time and an unfortunate strand of DNA that makes preschoolers obsessive about their clothing options. (It runs on my husband’s side. Long story.)

Anyway, amidst my misery I did discover the delightful realization that the Lincoln Park Zoo is not just for warm, sunny days. No! Tucked right in the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo area is a building containing the Canopy Climbing Adventure. Is it awesome? It’s pretty awesome. (Line from The Hangover. Forgive me, I’ve had little sleep plus I dig the short, chubby bearded guy.)

It’s a huge structure (pictured above with my high-maintenance, thankless children atop) that keeps kids busy and happy for hours. If you know my children, that’s saying a lot. Inside the building you can keep warm while also watching river otters play, beavers work and various other creatures like snakes (they are caged) and turtles climbing about. Seriously, I’m beside myself with excitement and only wished I’d found it before spring was about to hit. I’d heard of it before, but thought perhaps it was one of those Chicago myths, like the goat that may or may have not ruined the Cubs chances to ever win a World Series.

Here’s how to find it: Go to the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo area. The building containing the Canopy Climbing Adventure is to the right of the river otters and across from the wolves. Kindly resist throwing your children into the wolves pit even if they’ve been acting like animals lately. It took quite a bit of effort on my part not to do so… Enjoy!

 Lincoln Park Zoo in the Cold and a Rant About Three Year Olds

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Linda, we’re delighted that you enjoyed your day at the zoo! Indeed, it is a great place to visit even when it’s cold — sometimes ESPECIALLY when it is cold because you can have the place nearly to yourself! Thanks for stopping by. See you around! — Your friends at Lincoln Park Zoo :-)

LPZoo commented on Mar 28 11 at 5:16 pm

I don’t live in Chicago but wanted to read this because of the rant. I have twin 3 year old boys. Three sucks. Mine are so very stubborn (damn genetics) and refuse to go quietly into childhood.

Rosstwinmom commented on Mar 29 11 at 7:56 am

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