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Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tips

Posted by on February 2nd, 2011 at 2:25 pm

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I hope the title of this post didn’t trick you into thinking I was going to offer tips on literally surviving when stranded during the Chicago Snow Storm 2011. No, but I will tell you how I’m surviving a fate almost as dire as having your car broken down on Lake Shore Drive: finding oneself snowbound with a couple of three-year-olds.

As soon as my kids woke up, they demanded as they usually do: “What are we going to do today?” When I informed them we had to stay home because of the snow, they looked horrified. I could relate. One said incredulously, “ALL day???” Well, yes. Here’s what we’ve done so far in a day I’ve declared “No Rules Wednesday.”

We took a bath, me included. We spent the majority of bath time talking about boobs. “Where do they come from?” “Why don’t daddies have boobs?” “I don’t want boobs!” Alrighty then.  Yes, that’s candy in her mouth while in the bath. Didn’t you get the memo? It’s No Rules Wednesday.

bath candy 300x225 Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tips

We experimented with new hairstyles. This is the Sleek Toddler Ponytail. I expect it to take off like The Rachel. Except my daughter will have the good graces not to insult the look years after making it a national craze.

hair 300x225 Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tips

We painted our nails. One chose pink; the other chose green left over from her Brobee costume at Halloween. Guess which one was chosen for Mommy? Right, I am currently sporting green nails.

Speaking of Brobee, we whipped out the various Yo Gabba Gabba costumes they got for Christmas since they are so obsessed. I make a mean albeit slightly less enthusiastic DJ Lance.

brobee 300x200 Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tipsfoofa 200x300 Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tips

We built a fort so they could do crash landings from their slide. Yes, she has a paci in her mouth. Don’t make me repeat what I nicknamed today.

tunnel 300x225 Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tips

We dove into the I’m Not Bored Anymore Art Jar they received as a present recently. Our resulting projects confirm I was not meant to be a preschool teacher. Or art teacher. Or even assistant to an art teacher.

art Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tips

We watched three episodes of Hello Kitty. If I were forced to be a cartoon character, I might pick Catnip (below, upper left). She is deliciously evil, which is refreshing after watching too many Doras, Barneys, Kai-lans and Caillous over the last three years.

hello kitty 300x225 Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tips

Okay, I’m out of ideas and it’s only 2:15 pm. Feel free to make some suggestions but I can guarantee we’ve already done them all. Bake cookies, eat aforementioned cookies, have a picnic with real food, have a picnic with fake food, play the “who can be quiet the longest” game (5 seconds), etc. etc. etc. Perhaps I’ll provide an update later if I don’t voluntary commit myself to the psych ward.

Oh, good news! My husband just informed me the snow has stopped, the sun is peeking through and he’s taking the girls out front for a bit. Would it be wrong to lock the doors behind them?

Photo: This is Lake Shore Drive during the 1967 Chicago blizzard.

 Chicago Snow Storm 2011: Survival Tips

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Hilarious! And your kids are adorable! :)
Here are my survival tips…

Dawn Meehan commented on Feb 02 11 at 3:03 pm

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